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Mentally ILL From Slaughter-Ville – DISK ONE – OFFICIAL MIX-TAPE (2022) – REAL EMINENT – DIGITAL MP3 album


01.   Planes Guns and Scalpels – INTRO – presented by the BlueFeathersProject (minnesota)                                  02:05
02.  SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER – REAL EMINENT (2022) (Beat Produced BY: KEZ Beats / Youtube)                         04:17
03.  SAID I CAN’T – DOING THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW ( 2022) ( Beat By: prod by tekhno / Youtube)                                        03:59
04.  Say that you’ll Love me 2022 -(beat by: Skagbeats II Free For Profit Beats /Youtube/Prod. Skagbeats)    03:36

05.  SLIP AND FALL – DUST THE SHIT OFF (2022) (Beat Produced By: ONE / YouTube)                                                                 03:14

06.  CLICK CLACK YA – (2022) ( beat By LANTERN BEATS / Youtube )                                          04:25

07.  WELCOME BACK TO THE REAL WORLD – (2022) – (Beat By: Empty Soundz / Youtube / Produced by La’Keva )           06:01
08.   JFK SPEECH EXPOSING PLOT TO ENSLAVE MAN KIND (2022 ReBuffered) Audio Tribute to JFK                                  06:04
09.   JOIN THE ILLUMINATTI – SELL YOUR SOUL (2022) (BEAT: [prod. VonViddy]/VonViddy Youtube)                               07:08
10.    CAN NOT CATCH A BREAK (2022)- (Beat BY: / Prod. YouArt Beats/ YouTube/YouArt Beats)                                    06:26
11.    EVERYONES DOING IT – JUST GIVE IT A TRY (2022) (Beat By: Ashuka Made-It / Youtube)                                             06:42
12.  SHOUT OUT TO SLIM SHADY – THE GREATEST (2022) (Beat: Produced by: KEZ Beats/YouTube)                                04:00
13.    The Bible in a Warring World (16mm/sound/public domain) = short version                                                            04:24
14.    YOU’RE SOO FAR AWAY – WITHOUT YOU (2022) (beat by: PROD.THE2NDRAINIMATOR /youtube)                             06:16
15.    SUPER GLUED TO STUPID 1X1, 2X2 (2022) (Beat By: Produced by H3 Music/ Youtube)                                               03:14
16.    NOT ON COMMON GROUND (2022) (beat by: Ryzermusic/foundvia:FREE FOR PROFIT BEATS)                                  05:04

17.    SHUT SHIT DOWN – Like to Clown (2022) (Beat By: Produced by H3 Music/ youtube)                                               03:59

18.   TEST TEST – EVERYDAYS A QUEST (2022) FREE FOR PROFIT BEATS (beat by: H3 Music /Youtube)                           03:14

19.  the Three stooges – THREE STOOGES – OUTRO _ Public domain sample – Shortened get back to work       03:05


Another Real Ass Mix-Tape by real eminent of the Dirty South. Real Eminent speaks from the heart and Continues to be raw. At the Ripe age of 40 He is still dropping bombs like Vietnam. Priding himself in his Raw Style and sound. This Mix-tape Contains Bars on his latest feelings and latest visions as well as thoughts. While not yet being a World-Wide accepted rapper, He continues to Push the envelope with his Never giving a fuck style. Still Ready to Murder every track in sight. filled with new Insight and Aspirations. He continues to Push Insane topics even about the Nation. Never caring about Hurting feelings, Bumps, Bruises, Or Abrasions. Its about time ya’ll mother fuckers tell this man, Congratulations. Still Pushing against the hating, every hurdle, every road block, every Closed angle. Proving once again he is really hells angel. just not wearing a Hells angel Motor Biker Jacket. Just a Lyrical Angel with devil Horns and a Halo. Check it out bitches. its Mix-tape season !~

released on: 07/27/2022


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Release date:July 27, 2022
Last updated:July 27, 2022
Current version:N/A
Product type:digital mp3 album
File format:ZIP, MP3,
File size:207.37
Price:$0.00 $0.00 USD

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